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Got it? get it! by bbc

BBC's challenge was that they wanted people in the UK to discover the different media platforms that the BBC offers. We tackled this by creating a campaign titled, Got it? Get it! by BBC. 

In January 2021, Amazon Music was downloaded approximately 142.5 thousand times to mobile devices in Great Britain, making it the most popular music and video app on the Google Play store.

Also, the results of a survey on the leading video streaming and downloading services in the United Kingdom (UK) found that Netflix was the most popular streaming service of the fourth quarter of 2020.

Got it Get it - BBC-02.jpg

These posters are to be hung around the UK's public transport systems, targeting the UK's daily commuters.

It is estimated that there are around 8 million commuters per day who use the UK's public transport system.

Whether our target audience daily commute involves the bus or the tube, they will most certainly come across

our BBC campaign.

For an interactive customer experience, we placed QR codes on these posters so that the UK citizens are able

to scan and incorporate BBC's platforms into their daily lives. The QR codes would direct them to one of the

BBC services that provide the same what has been offered by the competitors.

So you got it? get it! by BBC

Copywriter: Ameena Houtta​
Copywriter: Aly Mohamed
Art Director: Moneim
Executive Creative Director: Enas Rashwan 

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