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Oh shit! Get Bidet! 


Toilet paper became a coveted item in late March of 2020, when many cities and states across the country issued shelter-in-place orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic, prompting people to purchase large amounts of toilet paper and this caused a shortage in toilet papers for other concumers. However, there should be a sustainable solution to this problem to get you out of this shit!



Raising awareness about an alternative sustainable solution that has been invented back in the 17th century “The Bidet”



“The absence of the product will sell the product” 

Playing on the stress caused by the absence of toilet paper when you needed it the most.

Inspired by one of the most successful campaigns of all time “Got Milk?” by playing on the concept of a world without milk.



Copywriter: Moneim
Director: Moustafa Shalaby
Executive Creative Director: Enas Rashwan
Executive Creative Director: Yasser Ghoniem
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