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The sloth emoji

We wanted the British people to start speaking about their feelings and break the "I'm fine" autopilot. So we found so many similarities between the sloth and a person who doesn’t share his feelings, therefore we collaborated with WhatsApp to surprise the British people when they write "I'm fine, I'm alright, I'm okay" in the chat and to be turned to a picture of a sloth. like "I'm a sloth". Creating a huge buzz and driving people to talk about it everywhere trying to know the reason behind that. until we release the film campaign to explain and direct them to a safe space where they will talk about what they feel and get the right support.

Creative Team:

Ahmed Amawy - Copywriter

Moneim - Art Director


Brand: Walkers

Campaign title: The Sloth Emoji

Status: D&AD New Blood Brief 2022

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