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Save the world, and we'll save you

At Aussie, they create moisturizing miracles. They focus on amazing sweet scents, unique Australian botanical ingredients, and making sure their products are cruelty-free and vegan. Aussie’s hero product is the iconic 3 Minute Miracle. The original and best, deep conditioning treatment, which gives you amazingly conditioned hair in just 3 minutes! This has been the #1 hair treatment in the UK for years.

Creative Challenge:
Create an entertaining, un-boring, and unique campaign to remind adventurous women how great Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner is. Create a key visual and tagline which can be used across several media, from print to video.

Superheroes, who doesn't love them? It's the dream of every girl to feel like a superhero, she gets to do whatever and whenever she wants from the work to the GYM, and to the party .. etc but the only nightmare is that her hair won't be the same on each occasion! and here comes the 3MM SOS to fix her hair emergency in only 3 minutes. Who else does so fast? Superheroes, going into a fight and 3 Minutes later they show up at a party in a glorious look.

Save the world Campaign.jpg
Creative / Art Director: Moneim

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